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Now for an opinion, re: that dude who got shot.

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Dec. 8th, 2005 | 12:40 pm
mood: annoyed
music: blackout - lovedrug

US air marshalls don't just run around shooting anyone who squints at them the wrong way--it's not like they're out of control. Any idiot who neglects to take his meds, loses his shit and threatens to DETONATE A BOMB when there are people with a licence to kill hanging around, *deserves* to be shot. If he was mentally unstable, he and his wife should have been a hell of a lot more responsible for his situation. The air marshalls were merely taking responsibility for theirs.

So all you "liberals", careful you aren't trying TOO hard to hate the president/the right-wingers/whatever. That sort of thing gives non-conservatives a bad name.

Fanaticism sucks from either side.

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from: dressingfordusk
date: Dec. 10th, 2005 02:51 am (UTC)

They were pretty upset in the UK over that guy who got drilled in the Underground station, just not here.

I know - that's exactly my point. The only people who were really upset about it were those within the country in which the tragedy occured. And while I think that such paranoia could be a point of concern for the international community, really, that is the way that it should be. However, this incident in the US has the whole of the Western world on their soap-boxes, decrying the Americans once again, even though it doesn't affect them in the slightest way. Despite the fact that, this time, the Americans really did the right (only?) thing. Every single piece of news about the Americans that makes it out here is treated in the same manner. I believe that the US Government has done some pretty nasty things - not only concerning the war, and not only in its highest echelon - and that every American citizen should be concerned about it. However, the Australian Government (at least) is just as bad, yet Australian Citizens (especially the angsty first-year university students) are more worried about the decisions that Bush is making, than those made by PM Howard. Add in the fact that most of them get all of their information from Channel 10 (sensationalist) news, and have no real clue of what they're talking about, and, thus, my assertion of the faddishness of US criticism. Like Britney said, if the air-marshalls hadn't shot that guy, they would have been criticized for not appropriately dealing with the threat, or blamed for his blowing up an object/person/place. They are unable to win. So.

...Also, if that sounded combative, it wasn't. It's hard to portray my odd, vaguely Gilesish Matter-of-fact tone on the internet.

Also: Ahaha. I'd had no sleep in like two days, yesterday, so I probably wasn't clear - but, I really cannot stand Shrek. I just wanted to clarify, since you both stated that neither of you had seen it, and weren't aware of exactly how that song was used.

I'm going to go away now and stop harassing people on Britney's Journal.


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