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Political debates. Huzzah.

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Dec. 9th, 2005 | 08:30 am
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He: "Do you live in Florida?
Read the report from the 9/11 commission.
It came out one day before an example was made of an innocent man.
He said 'does it look like I have a bomb?' and got shot.
I voted for Bush. I have the right to hate him.

Educate yourself."


Me: "You obviously live in Florida, but were you THERE? If you didn't see the incident with your own eyes, then all you have to go on is the opinion of the media and the opinion of all the people who want to throw a shitfit. If there’s other reliable information you’re privy to that I, and perhaps others, have not heard of, then maybe YOU should educate US and back yourself up with some facts instead of just the occasional picture and some obscure political remarks. Until you prove that your own opinion is at all educated, and not just the poetic but misguided rantings of another faddish 19 year old, don’t tell me that I need to “educate myself”.

The FACTs that we have are that this man said something about a bomb that led the air marshals to worry he might have been carrying an explosive device. He ran, evading them, like a stupid lunatic (and I repeat what I said about responsibility for your own mental illness), and got his ass shot. It's tragic, but it's not a conspiracy or anything. It's not even a bad job on the air marshals' parts. I mean, shit, if the dude HAD been carrying a bomb, and had blown up a plane, or even just himself on the tarmac, then people like you would be bitching about the nation’s incompetence, blah blah blah. THAT would be Bush’s fault, too.

You have the right to hate Bush whether you voted for him or not. (I voted for him, too, and I dislike him as a person and I dislike a majority of the things he’s done...but..) You even have the right to sit on your ass in the comfort of your own home and bitch pointlessly about every single thing the US is doing “wrong”. But people with legitimate, sound reasons to protest this nation’s choices and direction are discredited by your whinging."

Okay. One of these days, I'm going to post a "real" entry. Swear.

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