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Getting my shit together before I get fired (?).

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Nov. 4th, 2005 | 09:13 am
mood: busy
music: without msg i am nothing - mclusky

To do:

-Transcribe notes from last two classes—TODAY.
-Worksheet #9
-Experiential speech outline
-Persuasive speech topic
-Persuasive speech worksheet
-Copy of Finders essay?

-Class Server entries (Patrick & last three TEC classes)
-Certificates (Patrick and last week’s Exchange ’03)
-Order more cert. paper
-Access Slides (!!!!!!!!!)
-Student manuals for next week
-Bills. Sigh. (ask John for checks)
-Organize desk and filing cabinet
-Supplies from AP
-New checkbook holder
-Buy stamps
-Post office
-Tax forms

-Stop being a baby about costs and secure mover
-Paycheck stub for income restrictions
-Figure out what it takes to freaking give notice
-Order boxes
-Rent carpet cleaner

-Call dad about Thanksgiving (fuck, fuck, fuck)
-Finish making gift packages
-Transfer x-mas spending money to savings acct
-Look into PDA and new cellphone
-Make self-imposed plot post on Witchy board
-Car inspection
-Gyno – get your lazy ass back on the pill
-Ticket to Ohio (Gen, how many days is okay?)
-Christmas party venue (The Broadmoor? Le Petite Maison?)

La Petite Maison:
-Discuss menu with mom
-Appointment with maitre d'
-Something to wear, yo

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